~Ghost of Thursday’s past~


Ghosts of passions past haunt my night,
liquid visions with ribbons and bows
Studio paint, red wine and chocolate drip
From the corners of my mind
Leaving tastes of guarder belts and vintage lace
Wrapped around my heart, pulling pins from
Places I’ve been, from bathroom stalls and up against
Alley walls, the heart used to be so bold.
Sunsets that turned to sunrises right before my eyes.
The halls of that studio have grown dim.
A new day has come, too musty books and electric nooks
But my passions still grow and so do my ears and nose or
So I’m told among other things if I can be so bold.
There must be some advantage to growing old.
The end…… Or is it………


23 thoughts on “~Ghost of Thursday’s past~

  1. i forgot to say how much i adore your purple painting with the sun at the top-how it looks to my eyes. if i had any money, i would most definitely be begging for it. dare i ask how much knowing i cannot … ?


  2. i do not think the “end” is an end at all…we are already there, i believe…

    do you mind the ‘reblog’ thing? i do not like it and have something that says don’t w/o asking but of course, that doesn’t matter…


    • Thank you my friend, this piece I’ve just re-read and for those who know me I guess you really can hear me in this words very clearly if you listen.
      I hope your day is warm and safe


      • I think many could feel it, without having heard your voice.
        There is a lot of emotion in those words.
        I’ve been feeling blocked lately. I’m a lil envious of your ability to spill like that. I’m waiting for MY moment.


      • Bukowski used to say that ‘if you need to think about what your trying to write then your not ready”, so wait until the words are bursting and then they will ring true and deep and be worthy of the gift of life you give them.


  3. To me the tones in your painting are so much richer here — deep hues of magenta ~ is this shot in daylight? It’s a stunning work — and the words you have shared….honest and courageous – embracing all of it – facing ‘all of it’ with an undying passion that is… that is you.

    Hope today is going well for you ~


    • Thank you, the day is good, I am paying bills, calling doctors readying the studio for the day. Preparing my soul to flow out of me, trying not to let my mind race to fast as it often does when I begin to feel my muse grow. I hope you are well today my friend. May light and love guide your day.


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