**Warning strong subject matter~A child’s nightmare


Don’t look in that mirror FEAR
For the monster you’ve become
Like a count on a box…..1,2?3,4
What’s in store for a rambling mad man
Van….. Stay away from the van..
Tan or was it white? Plight,flight,fight
To late I’m caught fought ought naught
Creatures delicacy flay display
Horrid evil men, makes me sick
Pick,choose win or loose
Snooze while I wait for the feast to end
Send him home demon fuck you
I’ll walk for the sun knows my name
Warm rain calm cash,better now
Need feed forget until next time
Run…….. I should have run faster……..

Benjamin 1979-80

15 thoughts on “**Warning strong subject matter~A child’s nightmare

      • They come back from time to time, Im not sure why as of late. I think because im trying to purge my soul of all its stuff. I need to find that innocent pure child again so that I can paint through a childs eyes. This year im searching for a level ive yet to achieve.
        A clarity. so to say.


      • I understand completely, thankfully that particular demon is actually dead. Thank goodness, because as a grown man I’m not sure I could let him live. πŸ˜€ but it’s happy time so we wont discuss such evil in an open forum, hope your day was brilliant!


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