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Press Release

Expressions of my life – An evolution of art

What would you do if you were told you have an incurable disease? Would you give up everything to save the life you have left? Here’s a story about a man who did just that. Please join Benjamin as he openly shares his journey as an artist, a father and a person with Young Onset Parkinson’s disease.

~A journey through life as an artist, a father, and a person with young onset Parkinson’s disease

Salem, Oregon. April 2, 2013:

A part of Benjamin Prewitt’s artist’s statement tells us much about the artist as a man when he states, “Art reminds us the seemingly opposite forces of joy and sorrow work in symmetry to inspire us to find balance in who we are. My greatest sorrow, Parkinson’s disease, does not define me; I am simply an artist with Parkinson’s. The two are not mutually inclusive, they just are.”

Having painted since the age of six with the tutelage of his late father, it was not until Benjamin was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease that he truly assimilated the relationship between art and the shared common existence of all suffering the generalities of the human condition. The interpretation of art is singular ; to each of us it taps into our similarities and our differences and often touches sheltered moments of our memories. It is with this vision, this renewed clarity and purpose, that Benjamin brought true expression to his artwork. The goal of the art is not abstraction; the goal is to portray life’s frailties, victories, foibles and joys. Quite simply, the works offer an invitation to participate in the human experience; they are a catalyst to remember.

The current contemporary series of acrylics and oil is a study in movement, texture, color and light, designed to evoke thought, feeling and spawn meaningful conversation. The subjects of the compositions are found in the space between challenging limitations and rewards. The continually recycled life processes of circumstances ending and those hope filled moments that bring about renewed rejuvenation and rebirth to our lives. Through his art he brings a deep human emotional connection, a nature or nurture response and offers his unique perspective on the society in which we all live.

Benjamin’s work is in both private and commercial collections throughout the United States and Europe due to his extensive Internet market. He sells both finished art and art on commission. For further information about Benjamin Prewitt’s work, including dates and times for monthly open studio viewings and portfolio pieces of his current collection, please visit his website at or by email:

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