~~my words have found me~~

**Lost and found**
Eyes of almond, be still my heart for your voice
has returned to this world.
How not a day has passed that I craved not your tender
voices echoing these halls, of shaky ghost and broken muses of the past.
Such rich tender words drip from your hand
Linger languid long on my heart
does pitter patter like that of a child in your world.
My first of this plane, o crush of words, of northern chill, and lips stained of wine.
I will stand quiet on afar mount range and speak not your name
but hold you softly above this madness,
oh my first..welcome..

**the art on this post is not mine, pulled from tumblr artist unknown but worthy of note


20 thoughts on “~~my words have found me~~

  1. i must try your method and be courageous enough to write what my heart knows… but alas i am not as brave as you and my secrets i hold beneath my heart in a tiny blackness that glows pink…. frightening the bravest into surrender. except me.
    sleep well, kind benjamin, sleep.


  2. What an absolutely lovely poem, Mr. Ben. So ethereal and romantic. I am wondering about your technique, though. Do you write out your poems in longhand first, or do you compose them directly on your iPhone or iPad?


    • Thank you very much I’m honored you enjoyed, as most who have been on this journey with me or a while know I write from the heart not the head. From heart to tablet to post otherwise I loose my words in a sea of thought and emotion.
      Thank you kindly


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