Let’s take a walk.. You and I


As everyone knows I am a huge romantic among other things but for this post I am a attentive, passionate romantic fool. I love that side of Paris, I love the fog, the chill in the air, the food the people and language.
So tonight we go to Paris.
Toujours avec respect et honneur


14 thoughts on “Let’s take a walk.. You and I

  1. I haven’t been able to go personally, though several family members have been. I’ve always thought it was lovely and the language is beautiful. I did take French for several years in school, but they didn’t have it when I moved to college… darn. Lovely music, thanks for sharing Paris! πŸ˜€


  2. Sigh. I always wished I could’ve lived in Paris in the 1920’s Paris and hung out with Kiki, Anais Nin and Henry Miller, smoked lots of cigarettes, drank lots of wine and had numerous affairs.

    Karen and I went in 2005 to visit Annette…we spent 3 glorious days there. No affairs, sadly, but we did get to visit Pere Lachaise cemetery.


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