I’m back!!!-excerpt from journeys pg

11/14/12 4:35am pst
Well good morning world, I think,..No as a matter of fact I know I found my heart. Somehow he and my shadow decided to take the day off and well forgot to mention it to me, found the note this morning tapes to the icebox. “Dear, Body you have become far to twitchy and broken these past few weeks so shadow and I are going to take a bit of a holiday,don’t drink to much while we are gone and remember to be kind and generous, the world needs love.”
Signed H & S
PS. Don’t forget to brush you teeth.

So to my surprise I found the scoundrels sleeping on the front porch this morning, it seems they forgot to take their keys.!
Ha serves them right, but they did bring me some lovely gifts. An Elysian Lotus flower from some botanical garden. A movie stub from a show called “Ela Enchanted” and a Blue Butterfly. Their we’re also some HastyWords at the bottom of a card it was rather touching I must say. Anyhow it’s time to take my pills and start the day here in my small corner of the planet. So as heart often reminds me to say. Be kind, be generous and be gentle to each other for you never know when one small word or act of kindness can bring someone’s heart and shadow back home.
Much love
Ps: photo from 123rf.com

24 thoughts on “I’m back!!!-excerpt from journeys pg

      • 😆 I am Romanian-Russian-Italian-German-Gypsy… That’s my blood line in short.
        Even though I guess we all are, because there’s no pure race, we are all interconnected, especially that so many generations have travelled all around this globe…
        How about you? Do you know details about your ancestors? 😀


      • Dutch irish, German, English(UK) not USA supposedly my great, great grandfather came over from Ireland directly. On my mothers side their are tons of O’killoran still in Ireland that are direct blood relations. I’ve thought tons about packing up and just moving but for now I’m here. My son ended up with every drop of Irish we could find, fair skin, freckles and red hair with beautiful green eyes.


      • Hehe, your little one holds the barrel with gold at the end of the rainbow, he’s a wonderful baby, lucky little angel !! 😆
        That’s very nice to hear. As I said, we are all interconnected, mixed, so that’s why there’s such a huge variety of beauty, intelligence, inspiration. 😉


      • I agree about being connected very much. And yes he’s a gem, one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met in my life.
        I’m very lucky to have been given such a gift in this life, he’s me boy o’ if not for him I surely would not be here today at least not half the man I am.


      • 🙂 I am happy for you that you are blessed with such a great boy! 😉
        I love children and I’ve worked a lot with children, all loved me and I love them all. But never been blessed with my own child. Consider yourself a very lucky man. 🙂


      • I do for many reasons, so for the late reply I’m in the studio trying not to cut off all my fingers as I get these darn frames ready, I love painting but I hate making frames. But I refuse to pay some guy hundreds of dollars to make me some generic frame that has no connection to the art it self. Any how if nobody has told you today, your rather wonderful and I appreciate your friendship.


      • Thank you for your kind words, dear Benjamin, you are wonderful too and I appreciate your friendship also. 🙂
        As for Do It Yourself, that’s my phylosophy also. If I can, I do it. If I don’t know how, I can try to learn. I also think that paying a lot for simple things that one can make on his own is not a good idea. Besides, as you said, how can a stranger know what you like about frames? They have no idea. As you make your own frames you make your paintings even more personal and you put even more heart in there. I think that’s wonderful. 100% art . 😉


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