cailín gaelach- to my wife –

With eyes like emeralds I’m drawn so deep.
Into a place no demons can creep.
Hair like fire and skin so fair
Only she can take me there.
With a laugh and kiss our bond oh so deep.
Fifteen years in the making a promise, a promise I keep.
For all of my days and all that come after
A vow that we made in front of a pastor.
Now my poor girl I feel that I’ve failed.
Your white knight has rusted my coffin half nailed.
I fight off the demons try to keep them at bay.
Slowly and surely they come as they may.
Taking my armor one piece at a time.
Falling like soldiers all in a line.
Till my last dyeing breath I promise to fight, no my sweet love “I will not go quietly into the night”
” For all of my days and all that come after”


29 thoughts on “cailín gaelach- to my wife –

  1. Oh this is beautiful Benjamin. I can see why it would be a hard one to share since it’s so personal. You haven’t failed her at all…. you’ve done the very best with what you were given. None of us ever sign up for the tough stuff, but I know she counts her blessings every night. Thanks for sharing, it really is touching…


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