When the blues get the blues.

When angels fall it’s a sad day and when one of them your friend it’s even harder to come to grips with. It’s funny in a way how people effect us or better said how we let people have effect upon us. On the 05/23/2018 a friend yes, more a hero to me. A beacon of Hope and beauty a reason to smile and think maybe,just maybe I too can beat this cancer. This young woman was another human who was full of life, love,angels and demons a passion for life. She’s gone now and the world is at a loss. For her light was one of a very few who kept my head above water during cancer treatment.

She will be missed and always remembed. @peanut35 on Instagram. Jean Chelle aka Ms.Hopkins 💙 you were one of a kind my dear. May you rest at heavens gate awhile . Even the Ravens need rest. Forevermore.






If I-let you in.

If I could reach out and just for one second kiss your lips I would. If for one second I could hold your hand over my heart and you could to truly feel passion on my soul. I think you would fear me even more. If I let you see the light within. If I let you in

She likes ghosts.

I think there comes a time in each of our lives when we have to take stock of ourselves our actions and behaviors. Regardless of “issues” be they self-made, man-made or pure happenstance of the cosmic cycle of life. Each and everyone one of us will have to make choices in life. Deep soulful, life altering choices. There may even come a time in life when it will be just you, your thoughts and the next stage of your existence. Be safe and make good choices. Always take time to reflect on the outcome of the lessons of the events in your life. You’ll be the only person who knows the reason why some things happened in your life and some didn’t embrace your hidden truths.

My advice is to you. Know and understand that you really are in charge of your heart and soul. Those feelings that overwhelm and consume you are the power behind what makes you amazing and your source of eternal strength and drive. Never lose hope in good and kind people, be those good and kind people. You have the choice to do anything you put your true heart Into but I do ask of you this listen to it deeply,. Listen to it’s feelings and let it guide you. Have faith in yourself as I believe in you. As long as there Demons there will be angels too.

Benjamin-2018 my thoughts on stuff and things.