Words and thoughts at dawns edge.

I find it humors as a person who feels a great deal. As person who sees beyond the veil of the 9-5 Micky mouse, happy ending christmas dinner with family perception of life how in this grand adventure of life we so often fail to truly live. Holding grudges, pushing buttons on machines and ppl alike just to see what happens. Life….. Is it really life that is so difficult or is the way we as humans choose to live in it that makes it hard…? Why do we as a species struggle so hard on a earth that was made for us? A place that if all of stopped the machines and rampant madness for one moment maybe just maybe if we all listened with our hearts we could hear mothers song once again and breath hope back into our mad world.

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Words and thoughts at dawns edge.

Benjamin.2017. “Be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have.”©2012

Alive, with every breath!! *Morning Muse

Into this harsh deminion of life i give thanks to the day for the blessing of life i recieve. I can breath, laugh and love freely.

I can choose to live and not fade into the records of the past, I can choose to drive this ship into the furtherest shore of life and bathe in its beauty eachday. For eachday is our last as tomorrow never truly comes. Hikd fast my heart as this time travel is deep and far from the hearts of mankind. Hold fast my love my these days will slow and last forever yet life is fleeting and calls us home wuickly.

So dally not in this day. Embrace and be thankful for the life you breath in and the life you’ve lived. Show and grow with passion, wisdom, strength, leaderhip and compassion. Wish not upon your fellow or she any harm that could ever be. Give rest to the tired and hope to weary, just as i have given to you. Find shelter in this storm of life. I am just as you are. Alive, with every breath!!

Know you are loved, cherished and respected. The End


“A life in progress.”

For you.

The first whispers of fall came today. As stood in the rain and thought of you, for one small moment I touched your heart and you touched mine. Forever to leave a want on my soul to taste your lips and feel your touch even for just a fleetimg moment to know your hand in mine. My soul in yours.

My love for you runs wild like the wind of a childs soul as deep as the forest roots and as far as the goddess has seen. I love you. B