Need your input~Really

Hello and welcome back, it’s always lovely to see you. Today I’ll be posing a question to all that stop by. I’ll soon be making some post and gift cards also some small prints of my work. They will be for sale at the august 6th function and the September Open studio tour. So here’s where you come in. I’m going to post a number of pre-selected pieces and I’d like to know what you think. Keep in mind I’d like to sell these small pack for 5-10-20 usd.

With any luck I’ll be able to get a poll in here and  we can get an idea of what pieces gain more interest.

now if I’ve done this correctly there should be 1-9 selections plus an other button on the poll.

1. Dreaming of Autumn

2. Heart Broken

left to right ending with

9. Rebirth

for those of you who would like to have a larger voice in the selection process please press the other button and leave a comment. Let me know  which piece(s) you’d like to see.

Thanks again for everything, and always remember to please Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in you life.



Let the day begin

As so often in my mornings I find myself searching for a reason to join the day. Sitting quietly drinking my coffee watching the people scurry about as they find their own paths through the day. Sleep found me both little and a lot last evening though I’m most thankful that my headache has eased up a bit. Today I’m enjoying the sanctuary of my studio. It’s a place that I find great peace and comfort even on my most pain filled and depressive days I find I can be here and simply enjoy the smells and sounds. The colors and music of my day.

As I sit waiting for background textures to dry I’m hopeful for this day. I have so many colors and emotions running through my soul right now it’s more frustrating to not be painting than anything else but I’ve things to work on so I’ll not go to mad today.



Question: if you felt completely free in your life would you change who,where you are? Start a new you or remain on the path you find most comfortable? It’s a far harder question than you may think if you truly answer with your heart and not your mind.
Well my dear friends and family I must be off. Errands are calling my name and I find that if I don’t sit and stare at the drying panels that they’ll actually dry.
Please remember to try to Be brave, Be bold and thrive in the life you have.
Much love and light.

Morning ramble~13/7/14

There is a gentle calm that coats the mornings dawn today. The clean smell of rain drifts across the heated breeze giving promise to the day.
As this new dawn begins to unfold I find sanctuary in the thought that the world will breathe today. Breathe a slow steady sigh of relief for things have begun to shift.
A new dawn approaches this heart and mind for at this moment on this day at this second I’ve learned to accept the things I am, understand the things I’ve done and see the things to come more clearly than before.
Each day as the sun meets the sky I grow with the flowers and change with the wind. A little more wise a little more patient for the dreams and desires I have in my life. I will paint my heart and soul as I write my mind upon these pages in words of truth, hope and kindness.. In time my day will come.. In time my heart and soul will flourish as it has before.

“A life in progress”


Silence,beauty hopes and dreams.

There is a beauty in the silence of the day.
No birds or bees just clouds and trees
Me and my thoughts, hopes and dreams.
These are the things I cherish most.
The small moments in the tender hours of the night
Such silence as I’ve marked my way.
Gentle hope and big change as the world
Spins and takes us all on this adventure of life.
For there is beauty in the silence of the day.


Good morning, afternoon and evening. I hope the day has found you well.
Soon I’ll be painting back the studio preparing for my buildings grand opening. 23 art spaces created on the second floor which will truly transform the downtown salem art scene. I also will be applying for a permanent spot in one of our local co-op galleries. “Red Raven” which is rather fitting as one of my spirit animals is the raven. I’m very excited for all the possibilities that lay before me as this new life unfolds. Mind you it’s a bit scary at times feeling like I’m free falling through these past few months. A feeling I thought I’d left behind in my younger years but as life changes so do we, in body, mind and spirit. I will succeed and so will you. For now that’s all I have. So please always remember ” To be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.”

Much love and light.
“A life in progress”

PM~ words and things

If I gave you my heart
would you tear it apart?
Could you, would you
know what to do
with a love so tender
and true.
From this I have seen
and what could it mean
that our actions speak
louder than words.
Or shall it be said
that whispers in bed
fall upon deaf ears by daylights dawn.

A pawn I’ll not be
for if I’m set free
then that will be that
and the last of me you’ll see.
For a fool I am not
nor do I ask of a lot
Just simply to be held
in your head and
your heart.



“If the feelings of love and adoration lasted as long as the words one uses to express them there would be far less heartache in the world.”


Words and Things….


The chill of the rain kisses my face
As tenderly as a lovers embrace
Sending chills up the length of my body
Thoughts float gently by as the clouds
Bask in the calm the create in the day.

How can simple rain hold so much love?
How can one breeze bring a strong man to his knees
To weep like a child for the love he desires.
Such tender embrace call from the highest mountain
To be held, nurtured and adored for the things it, he, we are….

Tears…fall so slow in the rain
Mixing with the salt of the earth…
Held….hold….love me for what I am
And what I will be…..

For I am he…….

New Start….New Studio*** Rant

Many of you know about some of the most private details of my life at this point..

Some of you would even say I’ve over shared…
I guess that’s the beauty of what happens here we all have a choice. To come together under a common bond and share the joys and
sorrows of each others lives. Some to comment, some to watch from the shadows and judge. Either way I made a decision when I first started
blog to be open. Many people forget that this site didn’t start as an Art blog but as my personal journal cataloging my life and struggles with coming to
terms with Young Onset Parkinson’s disease. This journey has taken me around the united states and abroad I’m happy to say I’ve shared every step along the ways, the good the bad and the very ugly personal truths of my life that in reality many of us share in common but would never put out there the way I do.

I’ve said it before and Ill stand by it. I’m a man, no different than any other with the slight exception that I paint and write my heart and soul for all to see. I end 99% of my posts with a kind word. And I pose some hard questions and thoughts because I believe that one man and one voice can change the world.
Art and words have lost their meaning and I will not stand for it another second. For if YOU will not Be Brave and Be Bold or Thrive in the life you have….. I will. If given the chance I would take your hand and shout your name from the roof tops to show the world your brilliance and compassion. Live your words or don’t use them at all. At this point I’ve lost all of it. My job, my career my home and my family and Ill be dammed if I’m going to silence my heart and soul now.
I just received word that I’ve been accepted into a local art co-op. 4 floors of prime down town retail, commercial and loft living space. A place that is positioning its self at the edge of creating an new feel a new scene thriving and ready to make Art believable again. Any person can put brush to canvas, lead to paper and glue a stone to a ring. But only a few can create through there passion to express that love, fear and strength through their art. So again I say…to you.
Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have…
No… life is not easy for any of us. But if I can live through the things I’ve seen, done and had happen to me then you can too. I believe in you. I’ve seen your strength, beauty and passion.


That’s all I’ve to say.
“A life in progress”

Tempest~The Heart of an Artist


The Story behind the Art and Artist of Tempest:
Id like to say my life was a fairy tale full of dreams fulfilled, wishes granted
and time well spent. To do so would be far from the truth and a rather boring story.
In Tempest we see the turbulent clouds of dark purple and green both colors hopeful yet full
of a troubled heart and life. Struggling to find my way on this new path that life has chosen for me.
The form of the figure one could say is female in its curves full of soft sweeping motion and a resemblance
of a musical clef. I her shoulder and breast is a figurative form of infinity giving reference to a belief that I have
that all things are one both past and present. Also in reference to our human cycle of life destined to
repeat our pasts until the puzzle is solved.
She holds her head high above the sky yet in a position of sadness as so often I do. Sad for the hurt in this world,
sad for the hurt in my soul. The window shines a soft yet illuminating light and for me is also the window to my heart
and soul. of two minds hoping to give light to those I encounter in this lifetime and the light that shines out of the darkness
that I so often find myself in. One could ask how someone so tormented could always wishes everyone well, joy, love and happiness.
Its simple I don’t ever want anyone to live through see or feel things that I’ve experienced in my life.
The window, of hope in the darkness.
The spheres find their way to the Tempests side as she stands strong in the calm of the dark purple calm.
Circles, we could write a book on the metaphorical meaning of the circle. Matter of fact there is probably
a guy sipping scotch on a beach somewhere who has. For me in this piece the are eternal, life, death alpha and omega.
From one we have the tree of life emerging from the darkness of the shadow. An ever-present reminder that even in
the darkest of times life will find a way to carry on. From the other sphere we have a cord somewhat of an umbilical
to the tempest also representing the twists and turn of this elegant dance of existence we call life.
Please take from this piece what you will it has and never will be my intent to force my will upon the viewer.
Life is hard, mine, yours, his and hers but life is also beautiful full of hidden graces.
The spring breeze scented with flowers that come but once a year.
Summer sunsets so magical people make a living chasing them down to simply capture the moment.
A child’s first breath and the unconditional love of an old friend.
First kisses and last dances these are the things that make weathering the storm worth living.

So it is with these words from my heart to yours I give you and world.
The Tempest.

Tempest ~ My Girl Collection
41.5″ x 48.5′
Mixed media
Inks and Acrylics

Close up 1.

Close up 2.

Close up 3.

Where we started..
As always Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.

A life in Progress
**Ink sketch done by Picasso

Studio update ~ My Girl (Tempest) ** Name change

So often when I paint I let things flow, I’ve spoken about it a number of times. I do believe that there is a relationship between the paint and I. It’s not always about me imposing my will upon the piece but a true symbiotic relationship between the paint and I. I’ve been up since 2:30a after catching a few hours of sleep last night. I must say I’m very excited to bring you today’s update. Yes there are still messy edges that need to be refined, and most of the work thus Farrah’s been to the upper half of the piece. I think she’s getting to a point where true nature is coming through. So please let me introduce a work in progress
From the My Girl Collection:
Ink and acrylic

I’m going to show a number of shots some maybe similar just with a different light source.






I have to admit this morning as I dragged myself off the couch and into the studio I wasn’t sure if I could do it today. Parkinson’s has taken away a great deal of range of motion and arm strength especially when it concerns holding my arms upright. Not to mention physically gripping the brush for a long period of time. As I started in my arm ached, hips pulsed with pain and a few times I simply sat and looked at her thinking how….how can I do this? Well as always, one moment at a time and slowly but surely she started to come together. My hope is to have her completed before I leave for England this Friday, we’ll just have to see hoe it goes. I do want to take a few moments and thank each and every one of you, especially those who take the time to comment, over the past 3 years I’ve almost given up a number of times but because I’m a stubborn Irish bastard and I have the support of everyone here I haven’t. So thank you, thank you for helping me keep my dream alive. I know that if my dad was alive he’d be proud.
As always be brave….be bold…and thrive in the life you have

Much love and light