Quick hello

Sorry to be away so much these days. I’ve been pretty sick this last week and for those of you who know me I’m a huge baby about being sick. Though I’ve had a small chance to play with some paint this week. Here’s a bad pic of what I hope will be the next in the Love language collection.

For those of you just joining the show L.L.C. is employing two very distinctive styles to create a completely complimentary style to what I’ve been working on mastering since I was a teen. This new “look” of the collection is designed to have a strong or bold look. Anyhow I’m back to bed for a nice cup of tea and nap.
Again just a quick pic to give an idea.

Cheers and much love, please remember to be kind to each other. For if not you, then who??

“A life in progress”
** more updates soon, plus some more big life changed :-/

**Hilltop photo is original, taken 2/19/15 Amity Oregon.


Studio Time~ 2/11/15

Whether I want to admit it or not another chapter I my life has started…. One could even say it’s a journey I’ve been on for a while though now I can see a tad more clearly the mistakes of my past and the lessons from which I’ve grown.
Today it feels as though my world is far more complex than I’d like with me still trying to put together some type of safety net in regard to my pd and my future…… At least one that doesn’t have me dying alone in some creepy forgotten hospital bed. :-/ Not something I’m looking forward to. Anyhow….. I digress… Please enjoy the next creation from the new Gallery and Studio space.
11.5 x 39.5″
Mixed media
400$ / 225£
**2015 Love Language collection**



This new series is a moderate culmination of techniques I’ve been using for many years. Keeping with my traditional use of texture, washes and glazes I’ve started adding a secondary or primary top texture. Modeled after ancient Mesopotamian scripts and inspired by the most nurturing love I’ve ever known. I’ve titled this next collection “Love Language” I hope to use my artistic voice to speak a little more loud and clearly this year. For me this year will be full of trials and challenges I both know and can’t foresee but after this last year I’ve learned one thing clearly. That change is inevitable and bad things do happen to good people but how we choose to react and handle those “life lessons” is truly what defines us. I’ll never stop trying to learn and love. I’ll never stop giving all of myself to everything I do and I’ll never give up on hope. So please as always. Be brave, Be Bold and thrive in the life you have…… You never know how things will change.

“A life in progress”

**Almost Done



New things and stuff

After being gone for a while I’m never sure how to start these posts. Do I say Hi, how’s it going? Or gosh! Thanks for coming by? All I know is it’s been to long in between posts and there has been so much going on I’m not even sure where to start.!?

1. New office/gallery/studio
2. Starting to ready my brain for the writing of “The Book”.


Really life is going fairly well all things considered. The Parkinson’s is kicking my ass pretty hard but my heart and head are in a better place than they’ve been in a longtime. Now that the gallery and studio have moved into their own locations I’m hoping that the painting will start to commence again.
Honestly though between getting the new painting space ready, meetings and trying to regain some form of a “Normal” life. I’m pretty much exhausted all the time but I’d rather live tired than not at all….
**thoughts on change
At first I thought all the travel last year was a great way to work through some life issues then it turned into an escape mechanism as I struggled to yet again re-find myself which sadly I’d been trying to do since my diagnosis in 2011.
It seems I’ve land in a peaceful place for the time being, as a very dear friend of mine and I used to ask each other . My head,heart, body and soul? Are doing well. :) here’s a few quick pics of the completed gallery space. I’ve have some set backs in the overall plan but I’m not one to give up so we’ll see what the future brings.

And another:

Well unbelievably I started this post over a week ago. Typing isn’t really my strong suite anymore so I’ll end this post as it sits. I miss writing and sharing here a great bit, I have so many hopes and dreams for this new life I’m trying to grow and nurture. I just hope I get to enjoy some of it before my body decides to stop. Recent events have put a stop to all of my travel plans this year except for the Parkinson’s events that are planned. I’d hoped to make it to the UK but on SSDI and the painting not happening I doubt I’ll see my UK peeps this year :(
Anyhow much love and light, I hope the world is kind and generous with you and you to it. For if not you, then who??

“A life in progress”


Completed~ Passages

Mixed media
200 usd

An now for our customary close ups.

Upper Right

Upper Left

Lower left

Lower right

Theses lines find no home
They just are…..
Or are they? Do they not give way to this journey of life?
Each new encounter not unlike a passage from your favorite book or a stroll down the lane at dawn as a gentle warm breeze pushes your hair aside.
These lines find no home…..
Or do they..?
Do they settle in your heart as they do
Does the gentle sun as it warms your face remind you of my touch as it does mine to you.
These passages have found a home..
A home in your heart of hearts that only you could have done.

As always my friends please take the time to be kind and understanding with each other for if not YOU then WHO positive change starts with you.

Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.

“A life in progress”


“Passages” **almost complete

Just green tendencies I see these days with strokes of blue and yellow. Red for the pain and white for the light. Such passages are these we travel. What turn is the right one, should I go over or under or simple forget it all and fade away as I walk this next path.
Light echoes in dark corners pulling back the veil of truth, just glimpses I wish I never seen. Passages, some are easy some are not…. And are important.

Mixed media





So fast……IDC-9 332.0

Here we are again you and I. Perhaps some music like in the old days.

Much better… And now to the matters at hand Parkinson’s, painting and life stuff.. First just a touch of the life stuff.
I feel like for the first time in my life I’m surrounded by people that share me desire to grow and thrive in life. People who know and understand the often difficult and quirky man I am. Though I must say I miss spending time with my beautiful and talented daughter Isabella. She and my son inspire me to be a better person daily.
Science(y) stuff….zzzzzzzzzzz
My PD has been changing and shifting as it does and will which in my moment of weakness cause little ripples of pure terror to echo through my soul but what’s a fella to do but ride it out until the fear of a frozen body and active mind passes. Frozen? You maybe wondering, “I thought PWP moved lots “wiggled” yeah….well not really, the Latin for PD is “arresto momentum” LOL not really that quote belongs to Harry Potter. paralysis a’gitans : Parkinson’s disease
is the Latin for PD which is effectively translated into the “Arrest” or stopping of movement or motion. So now you know :) Okay, we’ve had some music and a little “learning time” now perhaps some art to lighten the mood.
This piece is a continued unfinished work in progress. I’ve also been spending more time with “?”
This piece:

IMG_9754.JPG apparently I haven’t taken many pictures yet of this piece. The piece leaning against the wall is coming along nicely though the piece on the table is proving to be a challenge, but that’s a good thing right? Challenge myself to grow, change, continue to push my boundaries as an artist and human.
Oh and I just remembered to share this, I’ll be opening a gallery space here in the building within the next few weeks!!! Woot!!! Well it’s time to hit “post” and do a little sharing, sorry thins are a bit disjointed but sitting and typing doesn’t really happen anymore these days. I’m really trying hard to be very present in my life right now, so for now I’ll bid you adieu.
May all your dreams come true”

“A life in progress”



Ready, Set,Go…….. And some Arty stuff

So have you ever had one of those days when the world slaps the living crap of you…? Well today wasn’t one of those days thankfully but it certainly could have been. Today I had my in person interview with the state office of Human Services…..Que dramatic music. ;)
So basically I spent 1.5 hours today letting a stranger, mind you a fabulous human, but a stranger none the less into my home and told her all about how I used to be “not sick” aka have Parkinson’s and how now I can barely drink coffee without it being in a travel cup for the fear o wearing half of it.
Maybe a little overly dramatic but my bad days have gotten worse and my good days have gotten slower so today was the day I asked for help. It’s only a four letter word. H.e.l.p. It’s easy to spell,write and say…. But for those of us who never really learned how to ask for it. Well it’s hard as heck to for me to do. Yet when faced with the fact that I need physical help with everything I figured now was a good time to ask.
…..a couple days later…….

Well it was approved!!! Woot!! I’m still waiting to hear how much funds will be allocated towards my care from the State of Oregon but they said yes! That’s all that matters at this point. Now onto some art like things. First let’s take a quick look at some pics I’ve take lately.



#no filter
And then maybe some paint…?

Two pieces that I’m currently working on. Well it’s time for groceries and a hair cut. As always be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have.

Until next,
“A life in progress”

**closer sneak peak




The following two pieces were in there time pivotal. Now both one of the original “My Girl” pieces and the other half of a dragon coral series of two has come home. “Blue Dragon”
“My Girl”

“Blue Dragon”
2013-2014 Coral series
SOLD~sorry 1/5/15

Anyone who was previously or currently interested in any o the newly released pieces please email me and we an discuss, I will not be putting these pieces in the galley section.

“A life in progress”

**photo is original an owned by me.


First paint and Photos of 2015

Good day, it’s lovely to see you again, I hope the world has been kind to you and yours. Here is a quick look the first images from the studio. First a photo:
2015 Bmpstudio
And then some paint:



The shroud Really made for me 2014 complete, the photo was taken 1/1/15 it evoked a feeling of closure, a literal putting the old year behind me, putting it to bed, entombed in the fading memories of my passed.

SHE is a work in progress a painting just for me.This will be the first of the 2015 My Girlscollection.
Well after having this entire post delete twice, I’m going to leave this third closing statement short.
Cherish the ones you love, forgive the ones you don’t am live with passion for the things you do and have in you life.

Much love and best wishes in this new year.
“A life in progress”