Chrysalis ~

20.5″ x 27.5 unframed
Mixed media inks,varnishes and acrylics
Deep sleep, calm after the chaos.
Change and direction. All these things I hope you’ll find in Chrysalis and much much more.


Each day we are given the luxury of life,perception and self. Who will you chose to emerge as.

Benjamin M Prewitt
“a life in progress”


A time of love,loss and lies~

There was a time that you loved me.
When the look in your eyes spoke of passion and wonder.
A time nights became days
And sunsets blended to sunrises
What seemed like days of talking and walking..
Then life came to play and the demons peaked from the shadows
Yours, mine it didn’t seem to matter
Anymore who’s they were they were always there.
Now you don’t look into my eyes
Not tonight…
The loves not behind what I see
only lies lurk, hidden truths fearful to leave the lips as they though just being words can kill this love…
Whispered thoughts of do I dare I?
Echoes of silence cloud my mind as slip back into the streaming thoughts and letters that fall from the sky….
Falling, failing, father forgive me.

The end.

“A life in progress.”

** A piece about sorrows and insecurity, deceit and love.
Just words put together in no specific order.Not a reflection of my current life.
Please remember to keep love in your heart always for the darkest nights can be warmed be its unseen fire.

To long

Its been to long since I’ve written here, since I’ve allowed the flood gates to open and simple free write which, my personal favorite. It gives me the chance to simply speak my mind in the voice I hear in my head. This last year in 2015 I must say kicked my ass up and down the block like a seriously mean 9th grade bully.


This week I have to go to court hopefully for the last time. Friday I go handle the finalities of my divorce And begin to put myself back together finacially,emotionally so I can move forward in a healthy and happy way. Parkinson’s disease has changed my life forever. It’s made me question everything in my life. I wish so dearly I could articulate in normal non & emotional words what it’s been like for the last 4 years. Or what it’s like right now each day. The frustration of just barely having enough energy to keep up with the day.

Well it’s taken two days to just write this simple touch base. I wish I had some amazing paintings to show or words of great importance to speak upon but I don’t. My pending court (divorce) has me spinning, frozen really. I have to attend without Katelyn or any support so I’m really very nervous. For me the cognitive issues PD caused start when I open my mouth. My word find is horrendous these days and I have a feeling since it’s a combative situation that my stress and symptoms may be rather like an elephant in the room come this Friday.
Well I’ll write when I can, I’ve some very poetic words to share with you, I just need to gather them up again an put them in order.

Much love and light to all.
“A life in progress ”



1st Day…. 2016

May this first day of this new year and every day after be the best days of your life.

“A life in progress”


One more holiday post…..

I was really trying not to do a holiday anything online this year but after consideration I’ve decided to write a tad of my feelings on holiday.
Firstly whatever you support or don’t really has zero effect on me so I’ll wish all of you simply that in your lifetime that you come to know a few things.

~That you find peace, true peace in your heart and mind. The kind only you can describe a place where onlyyou go.

~That even for a moment you stop and smell the roses, trees,air…. Anything just simply press the pause button on life and breath.

~lastly that you are present enough in your life to feel and give true love.
The kind of love that asks for nothing but the love you give and in turn gives it back to you ten-fold.

Happy Winter Solstice (give or take a day).
“Be the change you desire “