New works~New Life

So I took a day off. Why because honestly I’ve some things going on in my life that have emotionally hijacked me and made it virtually impossible to create. Though the other night I locked myself in the studio with my old friend Grand Mariner and stayed up till 3a painting and listening to music.

Honestly I think it was the best thing I could have done. I cried, laughed and eventually realized that none of this pain that I’m carrying around is mine.
Sadly being me is being a fixer and when I give my love, heart or word to someone I give it 110% now most of the time when someone receives a gift like that it’s a good thing and a very special bond is created but occasionally *once* you’ll meet someone that either doesn’t want to be fixed, helped or healed or they don’t feel or posses the emotional capacity for some reason to except the kind of gift I have to offer. For a fixer, warrior, protector to be aced with a situation like this especially in matters Of the heart it’s devastating or can be.
Well me and Mr. Grand Mariner had a long talk and cry over it and decided to do our best to move on and as part of the process as you can imagine I painted…a lot.. So please join me in a celebration of colors, light and texture.
This first piece is a bit of a departure from what your seen me do it has little texture except for the markings.

The next two you’ve seen but since have been signed.

“Broken Heart”

“Tranquility two”
Then we have the last piece which is still a work in progress it’s not signed and as with life and many things in it we just don’t know how it’s going to turn out.

Dawn has just arrived here on the west coast, the birds are singing and the air has a lovely chill which I shall enjoy till the heat of the day arises.
Where ever you are and what ever your doing I hope the world fills your heart with joy and gives you peace of mind.

Much love and light.
“A life in progress”

Such hollow hands hold this broken heart.

Such hollow hands hold this broken heart.
Time and time again tears fall on silent ears
Words less spoken, but screamed in the night.
Why do our hearts darken over time.
Has life beaten the life out of us, stolen our
Memories and replaced them with thorns
Torn from words thrown like knives.


Tranquility two

So often over the past two years I’ve shared damn near everything with you guys here on wordpress. Two years as of just a few days ago. I didn’t day anything about because ya know these days I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed with the whole social media thing. I deactivated my Facebook account today and will probably to the same to my tumblr,twitter and others etc. I have given it a great deal of thought over the past few months and I will be keeping my WP open for the time being. Possibly by the end of the year I will transition over to a different site strictly for Art and will use this site more for my Parkinson’s journal as I originally intended it to be. But never say never right. For anyone who may follow me on another platform that gets closed if you go to the print order tab here on WP you will find all of my professional contact information.
Anyhow that was kind of a public service announcement.

Below you will find the most recent piece I’ve been working on. Often I will paint what I need in my life and right now I need tranquility by the truck load. So please enjoy the 99% finished
piece. You’ll see a number of photos below the first ones you’ll see are the older “First Paint” of the piece.

And one more

As we continue on we will see the finished version and current color profile. Starting with a few close ups.





And finally full view.

Tranquility two
Mixed media
Watercolors, inks and acrylics
Painted on a cradled panel
w/finished sides
Downtown studio
175 usd

“A life in progress”

Up close with Lillie…

Earlier this evening you may have met Lillie. I thought just maybe we should take a closer look at her. So please join me won’t you. Lillie up close and personal.




And then again Lillie


Where ever you are and what ever you do I hope the world holds you gently in her arms and guides you to a safe place.


Late night~end of the line

This…this is what happens when I can’t sleep. Hi, it’s nice to see you again almost 1am and on my way home from a friends place. They’re opening a bar/restaurant here in town and on my way home I thought I share some I the world I live in an how I see it.
Please join me on a walk home at the end of a sleepless night.
Guiding light home

Last Call

Almost Home

End of the line
Thanks for joining me on my late night excursion into the night. Until we meet again. Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have, you never know when things will change.


A conglomeration of words some grammar errors and spelling too.

The other day I
Said to you
That we had
Puzzles pieces that
fit like glue.
Only your is red and
mine is blue.
What is this
good time
Supposed to do?
When all I really want is you.
My broken angel,
what can I say
He took your heart
and hid it away.


As you lay down to
My heart does cry
In fact it weeps.
For all the things
I’ll never have.
And all the things
That I can see
that are
Just one step In front
Of me.
I fear and know not
to do
For do these things
I have the right glue?
I tried with kisses
And soft lovers wishes
But sadly
none of that
Would do.

And this love…….

Benjamin M Prewitt
“A life in progress”

Let the day begin

As so often in my mornings I find myself searching for a reason to join the day. Sitting quietly drinking my coffee watching the people scurry about as they find their own paths through the day. Sleep found me both little and a lot last evening though I’m most thankful that my headache has eased up a bit. Today I’m enjoying the sanctuary of my studio. It’s a place that I find great peace and comfort even on my most pain filled and depressive days I find I can be here and simply enjoy the smells and sounds. The colors and music of my day.

As I sit waiting for background textures to dry I’m hopeful for this day. I have so many colors and emotions running through my soul right now it’s more frustrating to not be painting than anything else but I’ve things to work on so I’ll not go to mad today.



Question: if you felt completely free in your life would you change who,where you are? Start a new you or remain on the path you find most comfortable? It’s a far harder question than you may think if you truly answer with your heart and not your mind.
Well my dear friends and family I must be off. Errands are calling my name and I find that if I don’t sit and stare at the drying panels that they’ll actually dry.
Please remember to try to Be brave, Be bold and thrive in the life you have.
Much love and light.

The night.

Where do I begin, story tellers must think the same thing silently as they choose their words carefully as to truly reflex their thoughts. As do I tonight 11p pst. I’ve a feeling my sleep patterns are shifting again, regardless tonight let’s look at the thing that’s been evolving today whilst the world spun.

first a little music for the soul and for those on their was to work, a little bus stop entertainment. This time let’s start with the close up and finish big, shall we?





Then possibly some written words pulled from a much larger piece I wrote a while ago.

Tread lightly on this summers breeze
In the dark of your heart
For it will consume all that you are
Leaving you but like a shell
Cast away by the sea
Eaten and plucked whole

Then we come to a pausing point, so let’s take a look at the full piece. Please keep in mind this work is unfinished.

Mixed media
**Work in progress.

That brings us to the end o this quick hello. Thanks for stopping by it’s always a pleasure.

“A life in progress”