Words and thoughts of the day.. 15/04/14

Words and thoughts of the day..

Such strange heartstring find these
Shaken hands…..
A need, want and desire to be close
To a gravity I’ve become familiar with
Yet drawn so far away to place my heart calls home…. A need of things that this body desires before the death lights come..
History or genetics it be never the less tis not easy to be a poetic painter torn asunder in these days of mine.
Kept sane by the busy work of the hands and mind,, finding little ease in the mundane day in and out of life.
This physical manifestation of the modern day, how man can be everywhere at once often make me are we ever truly anywhere……
At all…….I find myself adjusting slowly and most sadly as I watch one life fade and wonder in fear and tears of what will become..
As another door opens…. Choices….life is so full of them
Leaps…… Of faith…… As I too try to live by the heavy yet heart felt words

Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have…

A life in progress.

PS. I’d like to start making forward motion on a book of Art and Words. If anyone cares to lend a hand cataloging and or pairing words with paint, suggestions, ideas, you name it I need,want! The help.


**It’s our turn…..Let’s show them what we can do.**

**It’s our turn…..Let’s show them what we can do.**

In the cold of the night your words give warmth.
A gentle glow..sparks.. Of passion and love yet
to sew seed but born from a deeper place than I’ve traveled before.
A smile so strong a bridge it has built from heart to
heart and back again. Leaving no brick un bruised in the delight of her name.
By what charge of a poets heart does man claim his place
Amongst the angels.
Given no tenor to call home or a voice to speak of,
a wondering soul rest only where angles fear to tread…….
Such darkness gives way to a tender light
Gentle….. Soft….. Lost herself in a strangers land of newness.
A bold place for such a tender heart to trend.
After such destruction has been given her chase only to fall flat
for she rises like the phoenix.
Giving passion to my life like a teenaged boy in heat.
Such passion drip from that fountain that I yearn to
drink from in this life and no other.
Waiting……… Time passes so slowly as the days wander by
looking for a place to call home.
Kisses warm and wet fall upon counters made of Alice’s looking glass
Ponderous thoughts and days are these…..
Left alone…….in a crowded room…..by a mirror facing a mirror and myself.
I wonder what painters hand have I to create these thoughts I think in
colors of green and blue, of silken satin leather, lace and you……
For are we all not the muse of someone else’s muse.
Given chase by another
Lovers lover from another place in time and their heart.
Such ponderous thoughts are these….


Leaving soon~the traveling painter

Well I cant say I was a very prolific painter this time. Lots of work to be done in Derbyshire this year and poor sleep habits in Shepton kept me from being as productive as I’d liked but I leave England with a head, heart and soul full of ideas for future works and I renewed clarified vision of what needs to be done. Last night at the pub I has a conversation with a nice man in is late 70′s talking art and life. Picasso and some of the other greats came up and he said do you think any one will ever come close again. So I slowed the conversation and looked him in the eye and said……well someone has to try. And sure as hell I’m going to try but I’m not one for doing anything half way. I firmly believe we make our own success and with patients and hard work I will leave my mark of hope, loving kindness and passion. With any luck a few stunning bits of paint for generations to come to ponder their meaning and technique.

With all my heart and with all that I am. I’m forever thankful for the kindness of strangers the love of good friends and the idea that hope will always remain. That being said I’ll leave you with the things I am.

20140414-080636.jpgv xf





I’ve given you my heart and soul now the rest is up to the universe , I’ll paint and write till I can’t and hopefully spread some joy and art around in the mean time.
It’s time to go……….
As always… Be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have.
And may your light be forever in the heart of many.

A life in progress.

Derbyshire a pub and pauper a prince.

What gifts of life are these small moments amongst friends. A few like minded souls a drift in the sea coming together he, she, we and me.
Such a treasure these moments can be. Gifts of the earth, Air and Sea.
A place to recharge the heart, mind body and soul. Oh the places we’ll go.
On this day when things come to and end I’m honored and humbled to call you friend.
My time at Derbyshire is coming to an end and again I’m left without proper words to say goodbye……So I won’t I’ll say until next time..

On a completely different note I’ve been offered a place to paint on a permanent basis here in England. That being said I believe I may bring the boy and I over for a bit towards the end of the summer.

Life is fully of challenges and choices. I reminded of these things on a daily basis living with Parkinson’s disease but even more importantly I’m reminded of the kindness and gift of true friendship and for that I’m forever thankful and humbled.
As always Be brave, Be bold and thrive in the life you have.

A life in progress

A day in the life of the traveling painter.

As I sit here for the second day in a row unable to find sleep desperately searching the early pre dawn sky for answers to the question my life poses me, I find great comfort in writing to you. There is an act of normalcy that I attain in the transcription of my thoughts.the sharing of my heart and soul with others. Today being the 11th Friday so I’m told, in a few short hours the journey and next leg of this adventure shall begin.
A fairly long drive north to the very small village of Buxton Hollow in Derbyshire.its there that I will start the second leg of this soul searching, battery recharging adventure. Thus far I’ve created one piece.
“In the heart of a muse” and I’ve started the first paint on a second piece that has yet to truly take form.
I’ve seen some amazing old places.


The cathedral in Salisbury.

Even spent some time with an old friend, Saint Michael.
10/4/14 I had the pleasure of being witness to an amazing experience at a bell ringing. A very loved and well respected member of the community here passed and had his service on Thursday. I was invited up into the bell tower and was able to listen to the ringing first hand. Truly a moving experience.

Photo taken in the spiral staircase heading to the top of the tower.

So it’s easy to say this has been thus far another grand experience in England. One of my goals for the remainder of the year and for 2015 is to acquire a working studio here in the UK. Where about I’m not sure at this point but I think it’s time to start turning some of my other dreams into reality. One thing I can say it traveling is getting harder and harder to do so if I don’t get it done and have a place that I can call my own in both the states and England then it may never happen. As the progression of my Parkinson’s is far more noticeable physically to me on this journey than in the previous. I fear that I may not come back if I can’t stay for more than a week or two. Thoughts of the day….. Follow your heart it will take you on many adventures if you chose to let it. Don’t fear the things that haven’t happened in your life, take the time it takes to make your dreams come true. Everything IS attainable if your willing to solve it’s puzzle.
Have a lovely and safe Friday and Be brave, Be bold and thrive in the life you have.

“A life in progress”

“Inside a Muses heart”*completed






These last two shot were taken in full sun.



“Inside a Muses heart”
My Girl Series

As I search for words to give meaning behind a muse and it’s heart I hind I’ve written thousands. So on this day in this light here is something both old and new.
Our souls are one~~~~animas nostras unum sunt
Past and present~~~~praeterita et praesentia
Old and new. ~~~~~et veteres et novi
Found and lost. ~~~~~inventa et perierat
Me and you. ~~~~~me et vous
My soul. ~~~~~anima mea
Your soul. ~~~~~anima vestra
a thousand years~~~Mille annos
Have wandered~~~~mirati sunt
Found and lost again~~ invenit rursus decesserit
To be found once more~ut invenit rursus unum tempus
Our souls are one~~~~ animas nostras unum sunt

Each day brings another chance to be a greater version of you. So as you rise from your slumber, take your morning break or lay to rest your head remember this. You are strong, you are intelligent, you are beautiful and your life has value…. How do I know this you may ask, because I’ve seen you in me. Between the earth and the grass the heavens and the sea. I see you in everything and you mean the world to me.

A life in progress.

Morning words…

There are times in life that are meant to be cherished.. Not frittered away by the lulls of the day. A coldest breeze enveloped in the crystal clear sky, stars shouting their story for all to see at 3am. The sound of songbird singing a tune thousands of years old.
Let no dead poet go untold.
There come a time in life when we look back at all we’ve done and smile for we know the best is yet to come. These small moments in life come quickly and go even faster. One much live them as they come. Thrive in their simplicity and relish in your journey. The first peak of sun gently warms my face as I write these words and I am thankful.

The small things etched in stone to give ones heart pause at the oneness all around us if your willing to see it

I hope the day treats you kind and if you would as a favor please take one small moment out of your day and think of you thing that makes you.


Have a lovely day.

Greetings and Salutations.

Well I managed to make it to England once again. Spending some time in a different region this time. I’m staying very local at Knapps Farm located just outside of Shepton-Mallot. It’s a lovely farm with a B and B alpacas and a big pond.
I’ve finally done my first paint, I must admit I’m finding it hard to find the right words. To be in my home away from home is both a comfort and joy I could never truly express. Tis also a torn and harsh thing to know I can’t stay and that I’m half a man between worlds. Today is very windy a thing I enjoy very much, I’ve always felt that the wind gives me strength which today I need a great deal as I find my body is full of pain

That being said here is the first look at the first paint I’ve spilled in the UK this year.
She is called. “Inside a Muses heart”

Much love and light to all of you. I miss our conversations.
I’ll post when I can and please always remember to be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have.

See you when I can.
A life in progress

Talk to you soon…

The bags are packed, checked an re checked. Now I simply wait for time to pass. I’m always a little nervous when I fly. Well I’m nervous before I fly once I may the airport I relax and go into travel mode. It’s the last few hours at home that drive me nuts.
I’ll be leaving this piece at home as a lure to bring me back.


Right now I’m not sure I even like her form but I guess that’s all the more reason to come back right? ;)
Anyhow preflight jitters aside. I want to say thanks to the many of you for your years,month,weeks and minutes of support. I couldn’t do this without you.
Much love and light
Benjamin >

Long time no see

Well the clock has counted down to the final day before I leave. My bags are packed, prints ordered and picked up.

Yes that’s actually a print. 12″x12″ of this piece which is actually 20″ square

The print has a bit of reflection from the metallic paper I use but otherwise is almost an exactly replica. I’ll be bringing a number of prints and blank small panels with me this time. Paint, read, write and relax is the goal. Revitalize my heart and soul in a place the spiritual side of me calls home.

To be honest I’m not even really sure what day it is lol, thing have been so stressful at the house since I got back from my Midwest trip. Though today is PT unlike on Monday when I showed up to blank stares wondering what the heck I was doing there. One of the weirdest things about PD is the cognitive changes that happen. Nobody can really explain what to expect until it happens. To give you an idea, professionally I used to manage multimillion dollar business with pretty much great ease. Now if I have more than three things on my mind at once and I introduce a fourth then something falls In-between the cracks. Frustrating as hell especially when trying to prep for an over seas adventure lol. Paint, pills, passport,?….., where was I. Any how I’m more giggling at myself and slyly educating you all about PD than complaining. After a point one simply accepts that things change for better for worse they all change all the time. So today’s new normal was yesterday’s what if and I’m okay with that….kinda… Well it’s easier than being upset about it 24/7 since there isn’t a darn thing anybody can do about it. Today chauffeur duties from 6a-8a 8:15 pick up newest print I made of Circles and the Sea. 8:30-8:45 shower 9-10 paint PT 10:30-12:30 you get the idea I’m booked and have been since we moved to the damn farm house. But I just double checked and it is 4/3 so I’m right on track. The last things I need to do are pack the prints in there handy tube gather my pills and organize my personal bag for the plane and I’m good to go. My ride, a dear friend and collector of my art is giving me a lift tomorrow so I’m set!!!! Yay UK I can’t wait. My goal tonight will be to start and finish this next piece, a very tall My Girl figure. .

The entire thing will change very rapidly once I start and the “face” will not be there I was just being silly. Okay it’s time for me to start my day.
I’ll be starting the Traveling painter series again tomorrow but posting from overseas can be tricky so feel free to find me on twitter and Facebook.

Much love and light
“A life in progress”