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It’s kind of heart breaking to go back exactly one year to the day and see how much has changed. I hope those of you reading this feel love, joy and happiness. 3 days till Christmas I hope the season has treated you well.

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Life’s given me lots of things some good some bad. Some easy as walking in a door and some I’ve hard to work for until every pore in my body cried out in agony. This task I take on today I have myself. I probably could have asked while the contractor was here if he and his crew could paint and lay the floors for my studio. It would have been as easy as walking in the door. But I was taught by a very stubborn yet loving grandfather that the things in life we most appreciate are the things we build ourselves. Not unlike the relationships we have with people or the car we first get and spend hours of bloody knuckles trying to fix. Not unlike my studio. This space will live and breathe the essence I put into it. Therefore I chose to do the work myself…

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The Morning After…..

Such a bright loud day…. Cars bustling people panicking as they shop for gifts. It’s all rather comical if watched from the comfort of the third floor window. I should be stressing about holiday gifts but I’m not. Life’s to short to stress about spending money I don’t have. I did however manage to get my “Grant” paperwork in on time.

This time of the year I like to remind people to slow down…. Don’t get caught up in the stress of the holidays because whether your ready or not they’ll come and go before you know it. This year is going to be unique for me and my family. I’ve one half going one direction and the other going another which unfortunately leave me waiting in the middle. I think it’ll be good for me. Hard, yet a just another part of the process I suppose.

Since I began to write this post it has begun to rain….and rain..and rain ..

Oh and did I mention it RAINED and is still raining.

Though I did do one pretty fantastic thing today. I was invited to attend a event. The Bohemian Bash, it was the 5th annual event and simply it’s just bunch of creative people getting dressed up painting, creating and sharing ideas. Good food, company and music. Oh and I painted this during the event as we had easels lining the walls of the ballroom :) very cool!!!!

Untitled abstract
Mixed media
**freedom of expression**
Well folks that’s about all I’ve got. It’s been a big day and I’m beat, it’s time for a beer some dinner and bed. I wish the best for you and yours. Please Renee to always Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have, we never know when or how it’ll change but guaranteed it will it always does.

“A life in progress”


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Hello, my name is Felicia, Marc’s wife. My apologies for using his blog, this will be brief but with a heavy heart Marc was out walking our oldest Bailey at 3am this morning…

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Originally posted on High in the Woods:
Hello, my name is Felicia, Marc’s wife. My apologies for using his blog, this will be brief but with a heavy heart Marc was out walking our oldest Bailey at 3am this morning…

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Just so ya know…

Words are funny things.

They can build bridges across time and space. They can mend wounds, bring smiles, hope and cure a broken heart. How have you used your words today?
Me: I spent an hour on the phone talking with the WPC *World Parkinson’s Coalition people about an event that brings hope, courage, community and peace of mind to people around the globe. The next event is just north of me in Portland Oregon 2016.
I also spent a part of the morning working on the business end of the “Gallery-Studio” Annex. I’m trying to write a grant proposal that’s due Friday and if I don’t do it first thing in the morning my brain squirrels to hard by lunch time to really be of much use in the critical thinking dept.


I know I’ve mentioned it before but seriously it never ceases to amaze me how fast and hard things can change in a couple of nights. An idea turns into a conversation that grows into a more complex idea that grows legs and starts to self evolve, then BAM!! You’ve a project that turns into a “thing” that grows and suddenly things start falling into place. Life’s funny that way, sometimes it is a simple as having the courage or humility to ask for approval or help. Yes it’s true the old adage of “You never know until you ask” well it’s true. So often we assume because I the passed that an answer will always follow a pattern an mostly it does life has a was of being predictable, because we humans love our patterns and routines. Heck I’m dependent on them. But sometimes if you ask the right question to the right person at the right time wheels and ideas can be out in motion that will start to change just about anything that you want to. Remember Dreams are just ideas, ideas are just dreams not yet realized. So point yourself in the direction you want to end up and start doing… Do one small thing each day that brings you closer to that goal
And before you know it you’ll be telling other people how amazing the journey was to the end if your goal or priority.
On a closing note I hope you’ve all be well, happy, healthy and safe. The world is a large an vast place especially when it comes to the human heart, mind and soul so please remember to always Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.

Hopefully in a month or so I’ll have a new gallery space, new studio space and lots lots more to share. This year I’m going to dedicate to Parkinson’s advocacy work, Art therapy, painting and teaching educational classes on art and color theory. PD awareness and education. Thankfully I have the support of some very wonderful people in my life, including all of you. May all your days be the kind dreams are made of.

“A life in progress”



Holiday Print Sale!!!


Yep it’s that time of the year again where I put stuff on sale. Free shipping, discounts on large pieces. I basically will entertain any offer on any piece. It’s the end of the year and I really like starting the year with a clean slate. The above link will take you to the new “Print” page and from there I believe it’s pretty straight forward. As always if you need a hand or don’t understand what’s for sale, size, cost or you just want to say hi, just send me an email and we’ll figure it out together.
I’m in the process of working on a really huge project that I hope will effect a great many people with Parkinson’s disease and any person living with a disability. I’m in talks with the building owner to expand my studio another 450 sqr. ft. and in doing so put together a class room area and a working professional studio like I had prior to moving down town. The annex space will promote artists with disabilities from around the world and advocate for Parkinson’s disease. Statistical fact: Only about 5-10% of the million plus people diagnosed with PD are under the age of 50 years of age. It’s a small number sure, 10k people but think about how hard it is for science and technology to accurately and in a timely fashion diagnose and effectively treat people with YOPD when the testing an population pool is so small. I feel that the studio and my documented experiences with Parkinson’s puts me in a unique position to explain what it’s like to thrive with a disability. I’ve also started the paperwork for an Arts Grant to help finance the expansion.
Well it’s been a big day, grant writing, business proposals and writing programs. Some day I’ll paint again lol.

On that note, may all your dreams come true.


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Spreading Christmas Cheer for All to Hear.

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Following my concert on Friday with Les Sirenes at the Mackintosh Church in Glasgow, I had the pleasure of performing alongside Troon chorus at their Christmas concert yesterday.


Troon Old Parish Church

The concert took place at Troon Old Parish Church, which the audience filled with Christmas spirit. I had been asked to perform the Benedictus solo in the Haydn mass along with three Christmas songs by my friend Sam Prescott who is the conductor in residence.


I Loved The Christmas Spirit

I love this time of year! Christmas spirit and sparkling lights illuminate Glasgow in the evening.  I love walking around the city with the happy bustling crowds and Christmas decorations.


Glasgow has plenty to do and see this time of year including the Christmas market on Argyle street which brings a wide selection of gifts, themed bars and fast food outlets bringing a European feel to the Scottish streets.



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Just a Dream ~ New Prints on the way!!!

Just a Dream
Coming to the print shop soon!!!

Holiday Print Sale Online by 12p PST December 12 through January 2015
I’ll be featuring some select “One-Line” prints and select signature series pieces.
**free shipping in the United States.

Please remember to always,
Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have. I guarantee it will change.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays
Benjamin M Prewitt
“A life in progress”


Makes a great story……Until you have to live it.

How perspectives change. For the longest time I thought I was living my dream. In a way I guess I was, I raised a beautiful son and daughter. Two humans whom I would gladly give my life for. I worked 60-80 hrs a week a for 20 years. Thought I was doing everything I was supposed to. Worked, provided, guided, taught and encouraged.
Then in January of 2010 I woke up after a busy holiday season as a retail executive and found that morning I could barely move. Imagine every muscle in you body feeling like it had been run over by the local college football team. This went on for a few weeks until it got so hard to get out of bed that I simply couldn’t. Then I started to worry. I’ve always been very body aware and this new feeling was just that 40 years on the planet and I’d put my body through just about everything you can imagine but this feeling was different. I couldn’t make it go away and it felt deeper than any pain or stiffness I every experienced….
I knew then it was time to so see “The Doctor” que dramatic music ;)
Little did I know then but I was about to embark on the most brutal emotional and physical battle of my life…. The diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

A year a half later, mid 2011 I’m still in stage 8-9 pain and nobody can figure out why? The physio people, nor pain specialist my GP is stumped the pain clinic at the “big” hospital is clueless, kind, but clueless. Then comes then pin test. Yes I mean pin, not pen. they take this really super sharp needle and start poking specific body parts. So I play along, at this point I’ve had every test known to man and dog alike and people are starting to get frustrated, myself included. I close my eyes and let the pain guy know I’m ready. waiting………….. oh! I feel that!!!! as he pokes my knee.” Pain?” Dr.French asks…..No… just noticed the pressure. Meanwhile he’s been asking me “can you feel that?” “No” has been the answer on loop until then. At this point I open my eyes to a very worried looking doctor. I have to kid of giggle at this point because I’ve been through so many tests and tried so, so many dead end pills and gain so much weight, honestly I don’t give a shit, I just want to know what up with me?? As it turns out he’d gone all the way up to the top of my head and the only place I felt real pain was this one square inch around my left knee. Me I’m thinking “Hell YES SUPER POWERS are real!! Doc on the other hand says I need to go see a Neurologist ASAP and schedules an appointment with a local (Salem,Oregon) nuero guy. Docs and insurance people being what they are I waited a long time for my “emergency” appointment only to meet with the most curious Chinese doctor and his assistant. I show up, do the meet and greet, re-tell my story, which at this point I can recite backwards in Latin to monkeys as I’ve told it soooooo many times. I do what I now know is a standard PD test, I pinch my fingers, I walk, I turn around, look up, down and all around. By this point I’m a little concerned as the doc and is minion are conversing in soft tones and looking kind of concerned as well. Examination done, notes taken and everybody left wondering what’s up with Benjamin. Mind you by this time its been A YEAR AN A HALF, sheer pain, isolation and sleeping on the couch as by this time I’ve developed a rather harsh case of RLS which is super common in PD. Also my pain level which is growing weekly is yet to be addressed as everybody is now concerned with the fact that I don’t have diabetes yet I’ve a very pronounced case of peripheral neuropath, rigidity, slowness and growing instability. Hmmmmmmmm, what could it be? A couple of weeks later I return to the Dr. and he and his assistant look very serious. We sit, do the test again. They converse and then look at me in a most serious way, the kind of way only a Dr can look at you when they’ve really heavy shit to say, BTW, good on all the Dr out there, I seriously don’t want your job! Anyhow they deliver the news, he thinks I have PD and wants me to take these pills ” carbidopa-levodopa” or Sinemet. At tis point I’ve seriously taken so many scripts I don’t care, one more F’ing pill in the diet isn’t going to matter I think. I do the same routine, go to the pharmacy, do the wait thing,, get pills and go home. I’ve an eversion to taking new meds at night, wrong, right , I don’t know and don’t care, new meds at night = bad news. Try waking up in the middle of the night with a life ending reaction or side effect.. not fun.. I do the research prior to taking this new med and find that one of two things are going to happen. Either nothing except an upset tummy or I’ll immediately start to feel better. Well you guessed it the next morning I woke broken and feeling like I,d been hit by an airplane during my sleep, which by the way at this point is maybe an our or two a night because of the pain. I find my coffee and “new” pills and get busy. ONE PILL EVERY SIX HOURS OR AS NEEDED….. okay, I think lets play guinie pig away, well as you can imagine much to my displeasure about 1/2 hr later my back stops seizing and my hips loosen up and IM FACED WITH THE REALITY that I have PD.
TBC…………. Thanks for letting me share. It was a long hard night and I really needed to write it out.
Remember to please always Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.



Something new…

Greetings and salutations from the studio. Here’s a sneak at a little project
Cheers and have a great day.
“A life in progress”