Happy weekend 8/1

It’s August…. And my world is just about to get absolutely crazy… In a good way, Parkinson’s talks, Art shows, travel, neurology appointments and board meetings. Phew…. Makes me tired just thinking about it..

So instead of going out tonight I’ve decided to spend the evening in with a newish friend.
Yep it’s been a while since I’ve spent some quality time with this figurative piece and tonight was the perfect evening to do so. Friday night is kind of novice night or often drink way to much night so I’ve decided to sit this one out tonight.
I’ve also been working on the Lotus Flower piece

Now at this point the second texturing for the flower is really just a crude blocking, I’ll go back in tonight with a super heavy weight gesso and a 1/4″ diamond shape pallet knife and give the petals texture. Tomorrow I will start to add the texture.
Right then, I’m back into the studio after a quick snack of blueberries and red grapes. Happy weekend. Hope all your dreams come true.

“A life in progress”

The process~ lotus flower Day Two

Rising above the situations in our lives that cause us pain you’d think would be easy right? It’s kind of a knee jerk reaction, you touch something hot or sharp you’d think one wouldn’t continue that behavior right? With physical stuff it’s easy, sharp=cut=pain= not touch :-/
But with emotional stuff at least on my end it seems not to be that easy. Could be the pd meds could be that I’m an idiot who thrives on self abuse (more likely) either way it’s an interesting journey to be on. To observe my emotional openness and vulnerability yet at the same time desire to close everything and simply fade away.
This morning I spent some time working on more glazing and micro layers of yellow and white.
This was after 12 plus hours drying time and 4-5 more layers of varnish.





Since these photos were taken I’ve started the second layer of texture used to create the Lotus flower itself but those pics are for the next installment of “The Process” I had the pleasure today of hanging one of my larger painting “The Long Road” at a friends restaurant/tap house.

Well that’s about all I have to share today. It’s been kind of a rough PD day which tends to make me feel a bit more alone than usual. As always Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.

Much love,
“A life in progress”

The Process~Lotus

Good morning, afternoon and evening. I hope where ever you are that the world has been kind to you and you to it. I’ve decided to start the lotus piece first and really concentrate my energy into this one piece. Usually when I paint I have 3-4 paintings going at once. It’s helps keep my monkey mind at bay and gives me something to do whilst I’m waiting for the paint to dry.

But this piece, this piece is going to get some attention exclusively.
As it holds a very special place in my heart. During the following images you’ll see a wide range of angles and perspectives. So what I’ve done is the first 30-40 micro layers of paint and washes followed by 5-6 layers of varnish applied at intervals in between the actual color application and then again over the entire piece once I’ve reached a spot that I’d like to freeze in time per say.


We started here and have since continued forward.



Since these pictures where taken I’ve add many layers of white and light cadmium yellow, mixed with a secret sauce ;)

Then just this morning I’ve started to add more bold or striking colors. Please keep in mind this is the background for the Lotus flower that will join us later.

A quick peak at today’s tools.

Blue application #1

Blue application #2

Blue application #3
So far this piece and I have a clear understanding of what need to happen and how, so literally it is a process of simply making my body do what my mind had already seen.

Very close up.

Then far away. Well my friend it’s about time for me to run, I’ve a friend coming down to help run some errands. Again I hope the was kind and you to it. For if not you an I then who??

Much love.
” a life in progress”

Framed~Broken ( a healing process)

There are times in life when a thing must be torn in two before the greatness of it’s union can be recognized and only then can small steps forward to rebuild, nurture and the eventual success of that thing come to fruition. Please enjoy:
Broken~A healing process
(2) 12″x12″
Mixed media
Birch panels
bmp~down town studio
200 usd **set

And more:



As I try I hope you do as well to always,
Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have. For one never knows when it will change…and it will.

“A life in progress”


Let there be paint…

Good morning. I hope your well today. It’s been a while. I woke this morning to a absolutely beautiful day. I have east facing windows in the studio section I my apartment and from time to time the rising sun gives me a morning to write, share and paint with. Today was one I those days. So please come in an join me.

I do have a number of pieces that I’ll be working on and posting about this week so stay tuned. This morning I spent some time soaking in the morning sunshine, texturing a few pieces and contemplating a design for a large lotus flower piece.**yes by popular demand I will be doing some lotus pieces :) please enjoy.

A nice clean work space, for now ( about 5 min)


Then like magic, stuff. I’ve a commission piece I need to get working on today as well.


The texturing for the pieces may take an entire day to complete as I’m not going to over rush things with this work. It’s actually one of my life lessons that I’m learning right now. Things take time, we as humans take time, plants, air, water, love and trust take time. Since my DX back in November of 2011 I’ve been living like I have no more time. Which is true and not but in doing so I think I’ve rushed myself and missed out on and messed up something that life has given me. That being said the true lesson of slowing down and appreciating the small, tender and important things is harder than one may think but a journey most welcome in my life.


The light mixed with the “stuff” I have in my painting space makes for some great shadows.

Lastly a quick look at 1/2 of Broken framed. I’ll be heading to the art store shortly to pick up another 12″x12″ black frame to complete the other half of this piece.

Well I’m back to the studio. I hope all your dreams come true.

Much love and light.
“A life in progress”


Some of you know where this piece comes from some may not but I can guarantee that I wish I didn’t. Many of you know this last April I separated from my wife and was forced to leave my home and children. During this process I gave my my trust away when I shouldn’t have and got hurt. I have to take some responsibility but as in all scenarios it takes two to tango.
I’m left now feeling more broken and rejected than I have in any time in my 44 years on this planet. I will not go into details out of respect for myself and all involved. Please enjoy the next images as a part of my healing process.




Above the close ups.



This piece was intentionally painted as one piece with the knowledge that I would break it in half at the seem.

(2) 12″ x 12″ birch panels
Mixed media
A life in limbo

Studio stuff~ 7/27/14

I don’t have many words today so I’ll let the paint speak. I hope the day is kind to all of you. Enjoy.

“It must have been a dream”
Work in progress

At various stages and angles,

And then a look at Broken a piece that will soon be split in two. Actually it ready is.

I doubt I will ever tell the story of these pieces for the words used to do so I’m not sure I will ever speak again.

“A life in progress”

Stuff and things ~ 7/26/14

Good morning, I hope the day has found you well. As so often I do I find myself pondering the point of this life, why is it that we are given these huge range of emotions and yet so often not the tools to deal with them? Recently I lost someone in my life whom I love very dearly. So I sit here wondering how do I get past that “again” how do I learn to fill that void?
Sadly I’m old enough to know I can’t. I know I will never fill the void of loss I can only learn to live with it. Hence back to my question why? Why are we given this depth o heart and soul if only to have it ( them crushed ) how can that possibly be good. Anyhow like many of my paintings it’s a process right, hour by hour minute by minute and day by day I suppose.

~~ Words~~
** Hearts on Fire**
There is calm that you bring to my busy mind
That no other can bestow.
A gentleness that flows from your heart
And fills my worried soul like no other.
It is with these simple and humble hands that I do paint and write these words of heart strings and things
These visions of color given weight
By the heart behind them.
There is no measure of thanks or soft words to imply the depth of my heart to yours or the length at which my soul soars amongst the angels in heavens high.
So for that I let my words and paint fill that void of “Hearts on Fire”

Despite the loss, ache and empty that I have in my heart right now I’m trying to think of the positive things I do still have in my life. I was just asked to speak at a disabilities conference in Portland Oregon August 10-12th. I believe the topic I’ll be speaking on is thriving in life despite having a disability. I also just accepted a seat on the board for the Parks department here in Salem. So things in most of my life are looking up I just wish I could get past the longing in my heart to be held.
I’ve been doing some roughy sketches for my next few paintings. Being up here in Portland at my friends garden has given me some interesting ideas. Keep in mine the drawings are just outlines at to where the second layer of linear texture will go. They will be in the same style as My Love and Healing Waters

Here is a quick look at some of the ideas.




My Path
Well my friends that’s about all I have today. I’ll be getting a ride back to the studio later today and will probably hide for a while.

“A life in progress”

Gifts from the garden..

I had the opportunity to visit a friend today and received a lovely tattoo. Then spent some time in the garden relaxing and gaining inspiration from nature. Taking some time in Portland to slow things down a bit. Please enjoy gifts from the garden:

A greeting from the head,

A stop by the play,

Then kissed by the sun.
And possibly there was some painting that happened early this morning before the adventures of the day began.

And panel two

The pieces above were painted side by side and currently sharing a seem.
I hope the day has treated you and life has been kind.

“A life in progress”