Chrysalis ~

20.5″ x 27.5 unframed
Mixed media inks,varnishes and acrylics
Deep sleep, calm after the chaos.
Change and direction. All these things I hope you’ll find in Chrysalis and much much more.


Each day we are given the luxury of life,perception and self. Who will you chose to emerge as.

Benjamin M Prewitt
“a life in progress”

Work in progress. January 2016

Greetings and salutations just a quick update on some Arty things.


Soon to have color added,  abstract landscape and tree.


Second and third layers of this piece. Lots more to do here.


A close up view of a third work in progress.
Well that’s it for know I’m out of town right now gathering strength so I can be the best person I can for those who love me.  Many huge thanks for everyone love and support.

All works are original works of art unless otherwise stated.


Public journals=No Art= Yes

No more words I’ve decided unless they are related to the Art. I’ve decided it’s to hard to separate my public from personal side most bc I don’t give hoot to do so. But this is my art site and MY PD site so. Journals PRIVATE ART pages = YES.

Stay tuned for art, I’m going to start a poetry page but that will have to wait.


Thank you and goodnight

It’s been 5 years since my diagnosis and 5 years of living hell. It took my wife, my children, my career and my self worth all in one swift day. Well I’m done.
“Expressions of my life” is done. I’ll still do paintings on commission and possibly show but I feel that this blog has caused me more hurt than good. I tried to reach out and became so swept up by everything social media that I lost myself. To be honest when I look at myself I feel sick and worthless and there isn’t anything Else I can say. I’ve been judged at every turn of this fucking life and I’m tired. Right now I’m at risk of losing everything. My past, my present and my future and its fucking killing me. I can’t go on like this anymore. I’ll leave this up for 12 hrs then as the French say.

Benjamin M Prewitt
“A wasted life”


A time of love,loss and lies~

There was a time that you loved me.
When the look in your eyes spoke of passion and wonder.
A time nights became days
And sunsets blended to sunrises
What seemed like days of talking and walking..
Then life came to play and the demons peaked from the shadows
Yours, mine it didn’t seem to matter
Anymore who’s they were they were always there.
Now you don’t look into my eyes
Not tonight…
The loves not behind what I see
only lies lurk, hidden truths fearful to leave the lips as they though just being words can kill this love…
Whispered thoughts of do I dare I?
Echoes of silence cloud my mind as slip back into the streaming thoughts and letters that fall from the sky….
Falling, failing, father forgive me.

The end.

“A life in progress.”

** A piece about sorrows and insecurity, deceit and love.
Just words put together in no specific order.Not a reflection of my current life.
Please remember to keep love in your heart always for the darkest nights can be warmed be its unseen fire.